“To play without passion is inexcusable!” - Beethoven

FEES: Fees are to be paid by the last lesson day of the month for the next month. Fees are $110 per month for 30 minute lessons and $150 per month for 45 minute lessons.  There are are no discounts for holidays or occasional teacher cancellations as there are frequently 5 lessons in the month with an average of 4 lessons each month.    

 MISSED LESSONS:  There will be no refund if a student misses a lesson due to illness or another activity as the time is reserved for each individual student and cannot be used for another student.  I will schedule a makeup when possible for unavoidable absences.

CANCELLING LESSONS:  It is important to attend lessons regularly.   Please try to find a make up time if you must cancel, and change your student’s lesson time if it is a frequent problem.  Please call or text me if you must cancel as soon as possible.  This will benefit all students with more make up times available.  

LESSON PREPARATIONStudents are expected to be prepared for their lesson.  Supervised practice is advised and yields far superior results.  Daily practice is best and most children get in the habit and enjoy learning new music when parents listen regularly and comment positively to their attempts.   A good practice time for many families is when mom is making dinner (sitting with your child near the beginning of the practice week so you know what needs to be accomplished is recommended).   Less supervision will be necessary after level 2B. 

COMMUNICATION:  Please check your child’s practice folder for any comments from me, this is also a good way to communicate with me.  Feel free to contact me by phone or email as well.  

MUSIC:  I will write a note in your child’s folder when new music is needed.  Please pay me directly by the next lesson if I give your student sheet or holiday music. 

SUMMER LESSONS:  Students are expected to continue lessons through the summer.  Summer fees may be prorated when the student is on vacation out of town.  If a student is in town and chooses not to take lessons, there is no guarantee of a fall lesson time.