“To play without passion is inexcusable!” - Beethoven

Early Childhood Piano:

Why should my child start lessons at this age?

Students who begin piano at a young age tend to play more musically and with greater confidence than those beginning later.  These young ones love to show small groups of parents and students what they can do at the piano and within a year or 2, most are ready for a bigger crowd.   Incidentally, most concert pianists began piano between the ages of  4 and 6! 

Children at this age love to repeat their favorite songs!  They are not distracted by many other interests and activities,  and enjoy a having special activity with a parent.  They learn at a young age to give practice a priority.  By the time they are junior high age (a time when national piano drop out rates are very high), they are playing such interesting music that this is much less of an issue. 

 I hope you will consider early childhood piano lessons!  I believe it is the optimum time to begin based on research and my own personal experience through teaching many different ages.  Feel free to call me at 763-269-2605 if you have any questions.  Below is more information and requirements for early childhood piano lessons:

  for students age 4-6

  • students must have an instrument to practice on at home
  • a parent sits in the lessons and assists the child at home during practice
  • students practice 15 to 20 minutes a day
  • students learn to read music--this is not a "by ear" or "by rote" method
  • skills taught are the same as for all students as outlined above using age appropriate language and materials
  • small group recital opportunities  including recital parties (the student and 1 parent attends). Students perform and play music games during the parties. 
  • MMTA/NFMC/Guild judged events when ready